Our Mission

Résefan is an organization whose mission is to support, consolidate and develop access to health services for Nunavut's francophone community.

Our Priorities:

  • Valorizing French-language health services and the people contributing to those services. Promoting French-language health services, as well as exposing the needs and expectations of the community. Reinforcing Résefan's presence in the franchophone community and in Nunavut's health and social services environment. Increasing essential public exposure in 2010.
  • Supporting professional development of health professionals and practitioners.
  • Contributing to the development of French-language health services. Ensuring the maximization of the use of existing services.
  • Organizing health promotion and disease prevention activities, such as initiatives related to healthy living habits, workshops, information stands, health awareness sessions, immunization campaigns, and fight against smoking habits.
  • Organizing networks of health and social services professionals and practitioners. Involving the francophone community in the community's health status and in the establishment of better living conditions within the community. Collaborating to SSF annual report.

Board Members 2015-2016

Émilie Cyr


The sole neuropsychologist of the Territory, Dr. Émilie Cyr has been working for the Department of Mental Health of the Government of Nunavut since 2014. She is one of the founders of the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder clinic, having written her Doctoral thesis in this field. Émilie is a member of the administrative council of the national Société de Santé en Français (SSF) as the RÉSEFAN representative, and is involved in the SSF’s research and evaluation committee. She believes in the power of community engagement and healthcare delivery models founded on collaborative and multidisciplinary approaches to care.


Sarah Lespérance


Dr. Sarah Lespérance is a general practitioner at the Qikiqtani General Hospital in Iqaluit. In addition to her comprehensive family practice which includes obstetrics, she is the community physician for Clyde River, and one of two Tuberculosis Program physicians for Nunavut. Sarah initially travelled back and forth several times to work in Nunavut starting in 2010. Seeking a community where she was drawn to the challenges of her work as a rural generalist physician, and where her children could be educated in a francophone setting, she moved to Iqaluit with her family in 2014. Sarah is also the chair of the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada’s Maternal & Newborn Care Committee, and is involved in medical student and family medicine resident education for those from the University of Ottawa and Memorial University of Newfoundland.


Maya Jelali


Originally from Ottawa, Maya has lived in Iqaluit for the past two years. She came to Iqaluit to complete her Masters thesis in Social Work from the University of Ottawa and enjoyed her experience so much, she stayed! Maya works for Service Canada as supervisor of the Iqaluit bureau, which allows her to travel throughout the territory, discovering the diverse communities of Nunavut and meeting those who live there.


Marie-France Talbot


Marie-France has lived in Iqaluit since 2013. She is a chiropractor and co-owner of the Iqaluit Chiropractic Clinic. She also works as a doula offering support to women during birth, and volunteers for La Leche League Canada, a breastfeeding support organization. When she is not busy taking care of members of her community, Marie-France enjoys cooking for her family and trying her hand at knitting.


Carine Chalut

Executive Director

Carine’s first experience in Iqaluit was in 2003 when she worked for the Association of Francophones of Nunavut for the summer. Having enjoyed it so much, she settled in Iqaluit in January 2004 and started working full-time. She initially worked as administrator for the newly-formed Commission scolaire francophone du Nunavut (francophone school board) and was exposed to the realities of francophone culture and language in a minority context. She left Nunavut from 2005-2012 to start a family in Ontario, where she worked for the Ottawa District of Scouts Canada. Returning in 2012, Carine found herself as director of the CPE Les Petits Nanooks daycare, covering for a maternity leave. After a short career with the Government of Nunavut, she became Executive Director of RÉSEFAN in March 2015.