Projet Research internship in medical education

The purpose of this project is to increase knowledge and collect data on the issues, the organization or the access pertaining to healthcare services, especially in the area of primary care and to award two medical research scholarships and develop knowledge in rural, minority and remote areas.

Projet Scholarships

The purpose of this project is to promote access to bilingual health and social services professionals for the Nunavut Francophone community via scholarships.

Projet Early childhood health

The purpose of this project is to support health promotion programs and initiatives in the aera of early childhood and assist in meeting needs and helping to reduce health inequalities in official language minority comminities.

Projet Franco-Santé

This project contribute to the identification and development of French-Language students in the health and social services field in anglophone universities.

Projet Telemedicine in mental health

The purpose of this project is to set up pathways that provide Francophones with access to confidential mental health services in French through telemedicine.

Projet Interpretation and support pilot project

This project aims to set up an interpretation system in French through telemedicine and a service that enables patients to receive phone or e-mail support while making appointments, follow-up of files, medical trips, etc.

Projet Café de Paris

The purpose of this project is to encourage the commitment of medical staff to offer services in French. It will be implemented through a discussion group in French for medical staff.

Projet Welcoming and professional integration service

This program facilitates the arrival of Francophone interns who provide services to the population. In addition, we hope that the interns will be charmed by Nunavut and that they will want to return to work in our community.



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